Tesla Gigafactory Texas 1 October 2021 Cyber Truck & Model Y Factory Construction Update (08:45AM)

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Gigafactory Texas on 1 October 2021! This is where the Cyber Truck and Model Y will be built! Heavy rain and muggy day at Giga Texas, but progress con...

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Gigafactory Texas on 1 October 2021! This is where the Cyber Truck and Model Y will be built!

Heavy rain and muggy day at Giga Texas, but progress continues. We see a lot of activity on the south end with wall panels, large concrete pipes being delivered, earthwork and pond filling, and we follow the new road all the way to the far southwest corner and look a the intersection with highway 973, both from the drone and on the ground!

In this video, we look back “on-this-Day” one year ago to see how Giga Texas appeared then and we partially recreate that flight path today to make comparisons easier. I think you will agree, the progress has been amazing!

Finally, I am a big space program and SpaceX supporter and there is an opportunity to voice your support directly to the FAA to allow future construction, testing and operations of Starship at Boca Chica. Please consider sending your report direct to the FAA at:

Send to: SpaceXBocaChica@icf.com

Note: The FAA just extended the commentary period to 1 November and announced two virtual meetings with a link. Here is more information:

Virtual meetings (October 18 and October 20, 2021 at 5:00 p.m. CST)

Drone flight overview with discussion & illustration: 0:06 to 1:42
“On-0This-Day” 1 year ago lookback: 1:43 to 2:42
How to provide inputs to the FAA to support SpaceX: 2:43 to 3:19
Drone flight footage & infographics: 3:45 to 23:57

Here are the highlights from today's video:
- A lot of earthwork and excavation going on just NW of the battery cell structure this morning. We see the roof over the former "alleyway" between the battery cell structure and paint shop is getting more cementitious spray material in the north end while the south end is stockpiling the insulation materials and final linings. Also, we peek into the open area over the Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer system.
- In the casting machine area, we see more work on the ground slabs and giga press foundations. We also look at Giga Press #3 and see the assembly is almost completed and possibly some testing is being conducted. Finally, work on the roof continues here and a bit farther south in the unique rectangular area with many "hatches". This area is over where some water vaults were installed early on.
- On the east side, a lot more of the driveway area next to the Body-in-White structure including more areas with poured concrete and rebar work.
- The west side of the General Assembly structure shows more large wall panels have been delivered and are being prepared for installation. More of the smaller panels have been installed as well, so soon we should see the trapezoidal shaped glass panels arriving soon. In another week or so, this entire glass side may be completed. At the south end, we see about 60% of the wall panels installed on the angled corner.
- In the central area, we see more steel parts have been delivered and at least one crane was at work moving some of the parts. Footing construction continues in the "thin" excavation at the south and on the west shoulder area. The central steel structure south end has most of it covered with metal wall studs now almost completely installed.
- Something new in the far south near the water detention ponds, a long line of trucks delivering large concrete pipes, creating an area for temporary staging. Also, road work under the bridge and continuing to the main factory continues. We also take a flight to the very far southwest corner to see the other end f the road and intersection.

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Support SpaceX and write to the FAA in support at:
Send to: SpaceXBocaChica@icf.com

FAA environmental Assessment Draft:

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