10 Strongest Cars In The World Which Really Exist | World's Best Tow Cars

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10 Strongest Cars In The World | World's Best Tow Cars ---------------------- Many automakers have insane appetite to showcase how fast their cars are...

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10 Strongest Cars In The World | World's Best Tow Cars
Many automakers have insane appetite to showcase how fast their cars are in the Nürburgring proving ground. When it comes to towing power superiority, however, they have more creative ideas on how to prove it. Here are some of the most powerful and heavily publicized car towing demonstrations.

Land Rover Discovery Sport
On June 16, 2016 in Switzerland, Land Rover Discovery Sport demonstrated its impressive towing capability by dragging three luxury train carriages along a railway track across the Hemishofen Bridge. The combined weight of those carriages was approximately 100 tons, or about the same as a Boeing 757 airplane.

Porsche Cayenne S
Apparently, Porsche decided to do a similar stunt as other carmakers did, but using a lot more weight behind a Cayenne S. In May 2017 at the Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, an Airbus A380 glided with grace as the Porsche that dragged it out of the hangar didn’t even struggle.

Toyota Tundra
Instead of taking the same route as competitors in the race to towing superiority, Toyota Tundra had a different idea. It did not want to pull trains or passenger airlines, but an enormous spacecraft to a brief yet memorable journey in Los Angeles.

Tesla Model X P100D
Another successful attempt at towing a massive airplane took place at a remote taxiway at Melbourne Airport in May 2018, this time by Tesla, specifically the Model X P100D when it pulled a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner owned by Qantas Airways.

Ford F-150 Electric
In case any of you still have any doubt about the towing supremacy of electric vehicle from Tesla’s demonstration in 2018, Ford has already done more or less the same thing to prove it. On July 23, 2019, Ford released a video to showcase how an all-electric Ford F-150 prototype could haul 625 tons of weight.

Nissan Patrol
Back in August 2013, a completely stock Nissan Patrol was put to the ultimate towing test at the Sharjah International Airport in the United Arab Emirates. With the presence of the media along with airport VIPs, the standard production Patrol was tasked with pulling an Ilyushin IL-76 airplane, weighing 170 tons, over the course of 50 meters.

Land Rover Discovery
Following the footsteps of the “Sport” model, Land Rover Discovery finally had its turn to showcase its towing greatness in Australia in September 2017. It did not pull an aircraft or railway train, but a semi-truck linked to seven trailers weighing 121 tons.

Volkswagen Touareg
It was in November 2006 when Volkswagen Touareg made a name for itself in the history of automotive industry by towing a decommissioned commercial aircraft. Now that might not sound convincing enough until you learn that the aircraft in question was Boeing 747, weighing 155 tons.

MINI Cooper SE
A small car, especially with “MINI” written on the badge, doesn’t seem like an ideal vehicle for towing capacity demonstration, but you’d be wrong. In May 2019 thanks to collaboration with Lufthansa at the Frankfurt Airport, an electric version of Mini Copper SE made a successful attempt at pulling a Boeing 777F, an airplane with 150 tons of weight.

Tata Hexa
Pulling a massive aircraft, many times the weight of even the heaviest road-going passenger car, has been a steady feature in automakers’ marketing videos to show their engineering prowess. Tesla and Mini Cooper have done it, and so has a Nissan Patrol. The stunt had never been attempted by Indian carmakers, until Tata did it few years back with the Hexa.

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